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At the heart of OUR MISSION is the steadfast commitment to helping traders and investors thrive by empowering them with the essential tools and technology needed to develop the Mental Edge for success in financial markets.

Welcome to the Future of Mindful Trading and Investing

Trader Spirit is a game-changing mobile app and platform designed for traders and investors of all styles and experience levels.

By combining the power of technology, behavioral psychology, AI and expert insights, Trader Spirit mobile app is aimed at helping traders and investors to develop and maintain the Mental Edge necessary to thrive in financial markets.


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We believe that success in trading and investing requires sharpening and sustaining a Mental Edge.

That’s why we’ve designed a platform around advanced behavioral science research on training the conscious and subconscious to help you reduce stress, remain inspired and focused, and of course, sharpen your Mental Edge.

Carry curated meditations, affirmations, wisdom quotes, and customized programs wherever you go, sharpen your Mental Edge at any time, and trade with confidence and serenity.

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